Beyond the Basics: Creative Tactics for Building Your User Base

Hyder Jaffari
August 16, 2023
Beyond the Basics: Creative Tactics for Building Your User Base

Growing your business is an exciting and challenging job filled with meeting new people, trying new ideas, and even figuring out why some things didn't work out as you planned. One of the biggest tasks any business, company, or organization faces is how to keep acquiring new customers. Because that's the only way they can grow and succeed.

Some of the basic tasks that most tutorials will share are:

  • Use creative marketing
  • Use paid search to advertise
  • Work on your SEO
  • Use affiliate marketing tactics

When expanded and explained well, the above methods can offer a ton of insight into how to do this. We have laid out a few offbeat ways below to help you get more customers and give yourself a bonus before the end of the year.

Five Creative Ways to Acquire New Customers

Virtual Events or Workshops: Hosting virtual events, webinars, or workshops can attract users interested in learning more about your industry or product. Here are the main elements that will help make this a winning method:

  • Choose a compelling topic relevant to your business and your customer to discuss.
  • Set a clear objective on what you want the event to achieve, be it brand awareness, lead generation, or product promotion.
  • Engage your audience with polls and Q&A sessions.

Chatbot Quizzes: At some point, we've all taken those fun quizzes that ask creatively worded questions. These quizzes can be personal or thought-provoking. Users are more likely to provide information via interactive chatbot quizzes, allowing you to collect valuable data for personalization.

  • Keep the quizzes short, and provide data on how many took it and the results. People always like to see where they stand in rankings.
  • Use topics that your regular customer would be okay with participating in and can also help your business.

Podcast Guest Appearances: Becoming a guest on relevant podcasts can show you as an expert on your topic. This method can drive traffic from listeners interested in your field.

  • The industry you service most likely has many advocates and passionate people who like discussing the subject; find them and offer to be on their shows.
  • Share the podcast with your current user base and encourage them to share it.

Serialized Content: Serialized content like a mini-series of articles, videos, or emails can encourage users to return for the next installment. Keeping them interested and invested at the same time.

  • Plan the series so you keep your flow and have a consistent schedule.
  • Build suspense and curiosity and leave your readers or listeners asking for more.
  • Encourage interaction, offer recaps to refresh minds, and end with previews to keep them anticipating what's to come.

Gamified Opt-ins: Gamified opt-ins can be fun and engaging to attract users and maximize user acquisition. Elements like spin-to-win wheels or scratch-off cards can incentivize users to sign up and engage with your brand.

  • Keep the game enjoyable to understand and play, and ensure it relates to your brand or offer.
  • Offer prizes people would want to compete for, like discounts, free trials, or physical products.
  • Make the results shareable on social media, creating a viral effect and attracting new users.

We hope the above points help you plan your marketing strategies to attract new users. Remember, user acquisition requires a deep understanding of your target audience, combining marketing tactics with continuous optimization, and a commitment to delivering value to your users.

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