Effective Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies

Hyder Jaffari
September 08, 2023
Effective Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies

In today's business landscape, it has become increasingly essential for marketers and companies to diversify their advertising efforts across multiple channels. The notion that solely depending on strong SEO or a Google Ads campaign is satisfactory is no longer viable.

Before discussing cross-channel marketing, let us review a few fundamental marketing activities. But first, we should get to know two primary marketing strategies:

  • Above The Line (ATL), and
  • Below The Line (BTL)

Above The Line and Below The Line Marketing

Above The Line (ATL) marketing includes media that target a mass audience. Typical examples of this medium include:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print media
  • Internet
  • Billboards

This medium is generally cost-intensive, has one-way communication, and is used to raise brand awareness and create incentivized offers to drive sales.

Below The Line marketing has the following mediums included in it:

  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Telemarketing

This marketing method generally sees lower ad spending with a specific objective to increase revenue through a call to action. Communication here is two-way, and sales see a direct impact arising from interaction with the customer.

Why Cross-Channel Marketing?

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Cross-Channel marketing involves advertising through multiple channels while emphasizing the exchange of information between these channels to create a seamless customer experience.

For example, if a user views your advertisement on a video-sharing site and sees the same brand with the same message on a news site, it creates an immersive and memorable experience. This attachment will increase the likelihood of remembering the brand when they are in the market for the product.

Benefits of Cross-Channel Marketing

There are many benefits to adopting cross-channel marketing; let us highlight the most critical and measurable advantages below.

Improved customer engagement

Providing personalized experiences across channels to your customer profile ensures engagement and brand attachment, ultimately increasing conversions.

Increased ROI

Using data-driven parameters, you can accurately make adjustments to your marketing efforts. Monitoring results will help optimize the approach through each channel and increase efficiency and ROI.

Greater Visibility

One of the most straightforward benefits of being visible across multiple channels is that it provides a higher chance of being seen and capturing the interest of an individual.

Improved Collaboration

When teams or departments within the same company collaborate to achieve a shared goal, it often leads to successful outcomes. A focused collective effort ensures that all the advertised channels have a consistent experience.

To illustrate, let's imagine you're a loyal customer of a clothing brand. You receive a personalized email with recommendations based on your past purchases, and later, you see a sponsored post on social media featuring those items. This tailored experience makes you feel valued and engaged with the brand, increasing the likelihood of making another purchase.

Strategies To Boost Cross-Channel Results

Visibility Between Channels

Over the years, online advertising has evolved from simple banner ads to interactive pop-ups, interstitial banners, videos, and more. When customers encounter consistent branding, messaging, and experiences across different channels, it reinforces brand recognition and strengthens their connection with the company.

An integrated marketing approach, visible across various channels, maximizes impact and creates a favorable outcome for the customer.

Budget Optimization

Ad spending can add up quickly, so it's necessary to use metrics to understand which channel is working and why. Test regularly and fine-tune your budget allocation to generate the optimal return on investment (ROI). Fine-tuning your budget across channels will help you maintain advertising longevity.

Consistent Branding

Maintaining a consistent look and feel for your advertising across channels will help your brand gain trust. People respond positively to consistency, which they seek in their daily lives.

When a brand follows this approach in their marketing efforts and remains consistent across all channels, they will reap the benefits of it sooner rather than later.

Attribution through Responses

Measuring the success of a channel's ad strategy can be difficult. One way to validate what is working and what is not is to ask your customers to fill in responses based on where they came from. Feedback will help you pinpoint which channel strategy is working and which one is not.

A real-world application would be to consider a startup e-commerce business running ads on multiple platforms. By regularly analyzing metrics, they discover that their Facebook ads drive traffic to their site at a lower cost per click than other platforms. They can then allocate a significant portion of their budget to Facebook advertising, optimizing their spending for better results.

To sum up, finding the right balance of cross-channels to work with based on performance, familiarity, and user response will help you consistently create successful campaigns.

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