How Does AI Impact The 4 P's of Marketing?

Hyder Jaffari
October 02, 2023
How Does AI Impact The 4 P's of Marketing?

Neil Borden, a Harvard University professor, conceptualized the 4 P's of marketing. He introduced the idea in one of his publications, "The Concept of the Marketing Mix", in 1964. They are still relevant today to create a successful marketing strategy that delivers value for customers, clients, partners, and society.

Over the years, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how businesses approach marketing and improving the 4 P's. Business owners want to use AI and be able to trust it with:

  • Analysis
  • Results
  • Recommendations

AI's Impact On The 4 P's

1. Product: AI enables businesses to tailor products to specifications and features based on customer behavior data and preferences. AI-driven recommendation engines can also assist with past interactions to contribute towards product suggestions.

2. Price: AI can help businesses optimize pricing strategies by analyzing data on customer behavior, competitor pricing, and market trends. This analysis can help companies determine the optimal product or service price.

3. Place: AI can help businesses optimize their distribution channels by analyzing customer behavior, location, and preferences data. This analysis can help companies to determine the optimal distribution channels for their products or services.

4. Promotion: AI can help businesses create more effective marketing campaigns by analyzing customer behavior, preferences, and demographics data. This analysis can help companies to tailor their marketing messages to specific audiences and create more personalized content.

The 4 P's of AI-Powered Marketing

1. Psychographics: Psychographic modeling allows businesses to create content and advertisements that resonate with each target segment's values, interests, and preferences. AI systems can detect shifts in psychographic trends so businesses can quickly adjust their messaging and campaigns.

Merging structured and unstructured data can help to drive specific consumer behavior. AI-driven psychographic modeling can significantly improve the effectiveness of promotional efforts by tailoring content to specific consumer segments.

2. Predictive Pricing: Predictive APIs will allow AI systems to learn different behaviors and aggregate that information. Examples are virtual assistants, which take your personal account data and provide specific recommendations.

This application of AI can drive product discovery and potentially impact pricing strategies by influencing consumers' choices through personalized recommendations.

3. Proxy: As more AI becomes a part of our daily lives, through virtual assistants ordering our food or shopping for groceries as we talk, marketing will become a conversation between virtual assistants doing more of our everyday tasks.

Virtual assistants acting as intermediaries can redefine how products and services are accessed and purchased.

4. Pervasive: It will not be just computers, mobiles and tablets. As more gadgets get AI-enabled, touch, voice and vision will move forward as our environment gets more connected and intelligent.

As AI integrates into an ever-expanding array of devices and environments, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies across all 4 P's to reach consumers effectively.

In summary, by automating tasks, analyzing data, and generating insights, AI is helping businesses personalize their products and services and create more efficient marketing strategies.

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