Optimize ad campaigns with in-depth analytics.

Facebook Ads

About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provides a history of the settings of your Ad Account, Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads, and Ad Creatives. Facebook Ads also fetches Ad Insights data.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions related, reach out to us at team@livedocs.com

How do I connect Facebook Ads to Livedocs?
Head over to data sources tab in your workspace dashboard, find the Facebook Ads integration and click the "Link Account" button.
What pre-built metrics are available for Facebook Ads?
Some pre-built metrics for Facebook Ads are: Return on Investment (ROI), Spend, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Impressions, Conversion Rate, Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Total clicks, Cost per Click (CPC), Frequency, Total leads, Reach, Click-Through Rate (CTR). You can also build custom metrics using our built-in AI tools.
What if I don't find Facebook Ads metrics I'm looking for?
Each Livedocs data source comes with a set of pre-built metrics to get your up and running. If you can't find a metric you're looking for, you can build a custom metric using our built-in AI tools. Livedocs is in beta. We're here to help your build and debug your custom metrics, join our Slack community and ping us for help.
Is Facebook Ads available on the basic plan?
Yes, all Livedocs data sources are available in all our plans. Take a look at our pricing page for more information.
Is my historical data available when I connect?
Yes, historical data is available if you chose to sync it. However, any metrics calculated from your data will be available from the day you connect them.
How often is my data refreshed?
Your data is typically updated every hour. However, we offer intervals as short as 15 minutes for more frequent updates for larger customers, schedule a demo to learn more.
What kind of reports can I build with Facebook Ads?
You can build custom reports for your unique data needs, combining different types of visualizations, text, graphs, and more. For more inspiration, have a look at our templates page