Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks

The Page CTA Clicks metric in HubSpot measures the total number of times users click on the calls-to-action (CTAs) on a specific web page. This metric helps businesses understand how effective their CTAs are at encouraging users to take action on their website.
Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks
How it works

How to track Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks with Livedocs

Connect Hubspot to your workspace.

Just connect the data source from our long list of available data sources.

Choose metric from list of existing metrics for Hubspot.

Once connected, available pre-built metrics are available in your report builder menu.

Alternatively just chat with our AI data analyst and get tracking right away.

The easier route is to just chat with your AI data analyst and let it do the magic for you.

Extend the metric with some good ol' SQL if you need that.

If you feel pre-built metrics are not enough, worry not. You can alway use our SQL editor to query what you need, how you need with or even without knows how SQL works.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions related to the livedocs system, reach out to us via or try to find a solution down below.
How do I use Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks with Livedocs?
Just connect the data source and let our AI data explorer do the magic for you.
Why should I use Livedocs to calculate my Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks?
You can either use our pre-build definition or define your own using text to SQL
Can I combine my other data sources with Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks?
Yes. You can include multiple data sources inside the report builder to extract real value of our report builder and get a holistic view of your data.
Can I customize Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks with SQL?
Of course. Though we have pre-built metrics, you can choose to either use our text to SQL query builder or start scripting in SQL directly.
Do I neeed to know SQL to use/customize Hubspot: Page CTA (Legacy) Clicks?
Knowing SQL is not a pre-requisite. You can always use our AI data analyst or text to sql query builder to slice and dice your data.

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